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Must have Grooming supplies UPDATED!

You'll need to invest in high quality grooming tools. They last longer and are designed for professional coat care. Most of the grooming items you will find available in pet stores and department stores would not be used by professional groomers or show breeders. For the novice, it may seem like a lot to spend $25 dollars on a stainless steel comb but you will likely get many years of use out of it and with practice great results too!

There is a BIG difference between grooming the show coat and the pet. With a pet you can make mistakes, not so with the show dog, that will cost you in the ring. Most owner/handlers are not professional licensed groomers, that said, grooming the show coat properly takes experience, hands on learning and trial and error. So, in the spirit of knowing that we all need to learn somewhere! I have decided to show you what I know and what I do.

Grooming supplies - UPDATED!

I Do use a De-matting comb. helps locate tangles & does not cut the hair.


I Do use a straight pin brush. This type glides through the hair use with a light hand.


I Do use a soft slicker great for the underside & paws. The only time recommend for use on the entire body is for dogs in puppy-cuts Video


I Do use a slicker for smaller jobs use with care.



I Do use professional grooming sheers they last for years.


I DO use small curved scissors to cut away the hair on the paw pads or I also use small clippers. For companion dogs I use this to safely neaten the eye area.

I DO use ALUMINUM_FREE BAKING SODA & water to make a paste to clean my dog's teeth.


I DO use CORN STARCH as an ear powder & my fingers to pluck the hair from my dogs ears.


I Don't use a mat breaker & don't use a rake. This does not belong in your tool box.



I Don't use a coated pin brush not suitable for the Havanese coat it will break the hair.


I Do use A greyhound comb Pics




I Do use a face comb. This is a very small comb. It is good to remove debris around the eyes & beard.


I DO use a Buttercomb




I Do use a cat nail clipper. They are easier to use on small paws.

I DO use a flea comb. However I use it to remove debris from the eye area.